9 Ways to Land a Promotion

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Climbing the ladder and working all the way up to the top is something many individuals visualise when they begin their career. However, with so much talent in the workforce, it can be a challenge to prove you deserve a promotion more than the person sitting next to you. Want a better chance of coming out on top? Use these handy tips to kick-start your career progression.

Be drama free

Nobody likes a drama king or queen in the office. Earn a promotion by being a team player. Don’t complain about your co-workers and their annoying habits. If something is seriously wrong (like you feel threatened), take it to the boss and avoid getting involved in the drama. You need to provide positive results, not unnecessary issues.


Happy face, happy work place! You may be feeling tired or stressed, but continuing to smile will not only boost your mood, but also the moods of those around you. A better mood equals better productivity and better work.

More notes, less repetition

The majority of bosses report feeling irritated when they are asked the same question over and over again. Although they’re happy to explain things once or twice, especially if you’re new, after a while you will be expected to be able to fly solo. When you’re learning new information, take notes. That way you will always have access to the answers you need, whenever you need them.

Keep your promises

Being a valuable member of the team means keeping your promises. If you tell your boss you will have a report done by 5pm, have it done. If you promise to teach your co-worker a new skill, follow through. This will show how reliable you are and increase the likelihood that your boss will trust you with the added responsibility of a promotion.

Offer help

Giving a helping hand will show your generous spirit and value in the workplace. If someone in your team is working overtime, offer to help them get it done faster. If there’s a storm and someone is catching the bus or train home, offer a lift. Even simply offering to do a coffee run will show that you care about the welfare of the team.

Know your job

What better way to impress than to know your job inside out? You should know your responsibilities, execute tasks with expertise and be able to explain what you are doing and the reasons behind it.

Don’t expect a reward

The worst thing that you can do is assume that for every good deed or excellent piece of work you produce, you will be rewarded. Bosses expect you to work hard because you are passionate about the cause and the company, not because you are vying for a promotion or pat on the back. If you act without expectation, you are more likely to receive positive feedback and support from your co-workers and employer.

Challenge the head honcho

Although it’s best not to constantly disagree and argue with your boss (especially when they have far more experience), at times it can be helpful to challenge their point of view and provide a new idea or perspective.

Don’t stop learning

Adding new skills to your resume and using them in your work will boost your chances of receiving a promotion. Not only will the quality of your work increase and spectrum of your experience widen, but you will also demonstrate to your employer that you believe in self-improvement. If you believe you already have all the skills and prior learning you need, make it official. Get Qualified Australia is dedicated to helping individuals validate their skills and experience. Have yourself assessed and be amazed at how many qualifications you are eligible to claim.

Scoring a promotion isn’t meant to be easy. Bosses will reward those who they think have earned more responsibility and deserve a new role. Producing great work, being a friendly presence in the office and a reliable member of the team will all put you on the path to a promotion.

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