A Solid Resume Drives Your Career

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A solid resume drives your career

I’m sure you already know that a good resume can mean the difference between having an interview for your dream job, or missing out on the perfect opportunity.  Your resume should make a positive first impression with potential employers.  They use it to check you have the experience required for the job, analyse your attention to detail and check the quality of writing and communication skills.

With Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), your resume doesn’t have to be fancy and you won’t get pulled up if there are mistakes or errors, because you are not selling yourelf.  It simply needs to be well detailed and factual content about your previous jobs.

Factual is the key word that you must consider.  It is common knowledge that people tend to create a resume that suits the specifics of a job application, with employment gaps often being filled in, or duties and responsibilities being polished up.  If you are completing a qualification using RPL assessment, then this type of resume should be avoided – you are not window dressing your career, you are listing specific detail of your knowledge, skills and experience.

The first step of the RPL process is to have a Skills Assessor review your past and current career history.  This is where your resume is required.  Units of Competency for the qualification you are completing will be mapped against your career experience.

You need to pay more attention to the quality and volume of the content, rather than how it is formatted or how appealing the design is to the reader.  In particular, you must be completely honest about dates of employment, names of employers and the key duties and tasks that were performed in those jobs.

This is essential, because our Assessors will cross reference job duties listed in your career history against other evidence you provide, to ensure it matches the Elements, Performance Criteria and Employability Skills in each of the Units within the Qualification.

Elements can be considered the key job duties and the Performance Criteria are the steps and tasks taken to fulfill a duty effectively.  Employability Skills would be the key job responsibilities and interchangeable industry skills that ensure you can perform at the expected industry standards, in a range of job roles and positions.

Evidence to be verified against what is listed in your resume includes contracts of employment, job descriptions, performance appraisals, work reviews, references from employers and testimonials from industry colleagues.

Additionally, if your resume says that you can prepare a budget, then you will need to show evidence that this is true, with valid work examples to back it up.  Because we make qualification recommendations based on what you tell us in your resume, you are just wasting time if you can’t prove that you have experience once you enrol to complete a qualification.

The evidence you are required to provide simply backs up your resume. If you can’t do something or don’t have experience, that is OK.  Just be honest and we can make recommendations to suit your personal career history.

Spelling errors, typos or simple mistakes contained in your resume are not important for RPL, although they should still be avoided.  We also don’t require a summary that says you are a wonderful hardworking and honest person with amazing people skills and a desire to be the best you can.  This kind of fluffy and generalised wording can’t be matched against Performance Criteria, so it’s not needed.

Of course, once you complete  RPL assessment and receive a copy of your new qualification, you will definitely need to update of your resume to show this career development.  This is when you can introduce some of the more descriptive writing and elaboate formatting to impress potential employers.

To help you out, here are some good websites and blog articles for writing resumes that will help you get shortlisted for your dream job interview.

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