How to Get More Bang for Your Buck in 2015

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How to Get More Bang for Your Buck in 2015

Do you want to earn some extra cash, boost your savings and get some real bang for your buck? Sick and tired of counting the cents like an obsessive compulsive maniac? Many Australians like you feel stuck in a financial rut and are confused as to how they can increase their earning potential. Here are a few practical suggestions to consider without resorting to any of those phony get rich quick scams.

Get a raise

Let’s start simple. You’ve got nothing to lose by asking your current employer for a raise. The worst response you can expect is a big fat ‘NO’. It’s definitely worth a shot, because if you can earn more without any unnecessary hassle or extra effort on your part, then the problem is solved before you’ve even begun searching for other alternatives. Sounds like an ideal scenario, right?

Get a new job

Looking for a higher take home salary? Maybe it’s time to broaden your employment horizons by seeking out better paid positions. The job application stage provides an opportunity to negotiate your desired salary expectations, so use it to your advantage and demand a higher pay rate.

Get qualified

One of the most logical solutions for increasing your earnings is to upgrade your skills with a formal qualification and significantly enhance your career prospects. Sometimes you’ve got to spend money in the short-term to make more over the long-term. However, returning to university may not always be the most viable option. In some instances, it could be completely unfounded if you’re already highly experienced in your craft. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) offers a win-win solution, allowing you to get a nationally recognised qualification without any classroom study involved, or costly tuition fees. Take a free skills review online with Get Qualified Australia, the nation’s award-winning RPL maven and discover if you’re eligible to receive a current qualification within weeks, not months.

Get a second job

Contemplate getting a part-time job, casual work or freelancing in your spare time. From babysitting, house-minding and looking after pets, to waiting tables, washing cars, gardening, cleaning houses, moving furniture, or general handyman work, there are plenty of ways to earn a little extra on the side if you don’t mind pulling your sleeves up and getting back to basics. Join sites like Airtasker and browse through one-off vacancies posted in your own neighbourhood, or stretch your legs and look further afield. Try your hand at mystery shopping or paid online surveys. Adzuna, Elance and oDesk also provide a myriad of specialist freelance opportunities depending on your area of expertise.

Get creative

What are your hobbies? Are you a creative type? You could produce your own line of handmade arts and crafts to sell on sites like Madeit or Etsy, or set up a market stall to sell your wares. Wherever your strengths lie, consider turning them into an area for financial gain by monetising the value of time spent doing what you love.

Get a blog

Set up a blog or website centred around something you know a lot about and apply for sponsored advertising to be featured on it by signing up for an affiliate marketing program. Check out Google AdSense and Amazon’s Associate Program to learn how you can generate revenue for ads posted on your site. You can also monetise your YouTube channel in a similar way.

Get a tenant

Is your spare room used for storage, or left unoccupied most of the time? If you’ve got the space, don’t let it go to waste. Why not rent it out, make a passive income and keep all of your free time for the fun stuff. An added bonus is having someone there to share the cleaning responsibilities and split the utility bills.

Get selling

Whether it’s selling on eBay, hosting a garage sale, or visiting the local pawn shop, have a rummage through your things and sell anything of worth. There’s no point hanging onto stuff that you don’t really need, particularly if you’re experiencing financial difficulty.

Get tutoring

Can you preach what you practise? If so, online tutoring could bring a tidy sum your way as educators of all descriptions are highly sought after. Not only that, but it is a very flexible role in which you can generally choose your own hours and work load. Sign up with YourTutor, TutorBee or similar educative networks.

Bring everything you can to the table and maximise your assets in 2015. You’ve got to work it from every angle, people! This means not putting all your eggs in one basket, so invest your time and energy wisely by not only improving your full-time employment options, but also making the most out of your days off, and grabbing any opportunities to earn a bit on the side.

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