Seven Tips To Ensure You Have A Successful Performance Review

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7 Tips To Ensure A Successful Performance Review

The majority of employees in Australia’s job market today will face a performance review this year. With some companies conducting the reviews every few months, and others only once a year, they are an important time in your career. This is a time when you can hear where you need improvement, and where you are excelling. Many people tend to forget that this is also a good opportunity to voice any concern you may have with your boss and share any issues that you’re facing. It can be an emotional time, especially if you and your boss have varying opinions on your performance. There are some things you can do to ensure that you have an effective, and successful performance review.

  1. Don’t get emotional – Don’t take the negative criticism personally. There are a variety of elements that may affect the way you interpret the information; The personality or mood of your boss, your current emotional state, your personal life, and the list goes on. Take the information you receive as an opinion, and later you can evaluate the accuracy of the information.
  2. Do a self review ahead of time – Sit down and seriously evaluate yourself. What have you accomplished over the past two months? Have sales increased? Have large projects been completed? Have you gone above and beyond to complete tasks?
  3. Record your achievements – Any time you accomplish a goal, large task or project, write it down. Recording these achievements will ensure that projects completed several months ago aren’t forgotten about.
  4. Tell your boss where you need help – Even if your review is completely positive, you may still have ways that you could perform even better if you had support from your boss. Explain why you think additional support in a specific area would help you perform even better.
  5. Have a plan – While the primary focus of a performance review is to review your performance thus far,  there is also an opportunity to outline your future plans. What do you plan on accomplishing over the next few months?
  6. Be clear – It’s not a time to dance around and avoid the serious issues. Vague language and ambiguous terms have no place in a performance review. Be clear, precise and to the point.
  7. Be confident – You know you have worked hard, and while there may be room for improvement in some areas, be confident in the work you’ve completed.

Overall just remember that these are designed to assist you. To highlight areas that could benefit from improvement as well as acknowledge areas in which you’re performing well. Take the negatives in stride and be proud of your successes. Use the information to improve your performance in the future.

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