The Benefits of Workplace Training

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Benefits of Workplace Training

Building and maintaining a highly skilled workforce can be challenging. Employees need to feel valued and appreciated while employers need to ensure all elements of their business are taken care of. Employees coming from different backgrounds and roles all bring something different to the table and keeping them happy and motivated can be a difficult task for business owners and managers. What if employers could reward their employees with a qualification based on the work experience they’ve gained over the years? A specialised degree, diploma or certification without attending classes is an appealing incentive. Not only will employees be rewarded for their efforts over the years, but any gaps in knowledge will be identified and addressed with gap training. The result? A happy employee who now has a qualification that will allow them to progress in their career, and a happy employer who has closed the knowledge gaps within their workforce and has a highly qualified team running the business.

The process of Workplace Training with Get Qualified Australia is four simple steps:

1) Skills Recognition – One of our skilled assessors will identify the employees’ skills, knowledge and work experience using a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment.

2) Receive credit exemptions for units – Employees complete core units and choose any of the elective units that they have work experience in to apply for skills assessment and exemption.

3) Complete Units – The completion of the remaining units can be done through self-paced e-learning, face to face workshops or online training.

4) Upon completion, employees will receive the applicable Nationally Recognised  qualification and can move forward into a higher level role with a greater understanding of the industry.

What does this mean for the employer?

  • Staff will be able to provide a higher quality of customer service and work output
  • The changes in employee skill set and understanding of the industry will be noticeable in all avenues of the business, both present and in the future
  • Your staff will appreciate that you have taken the time and resources to invest in them and in turn feel more loyalty towards the company

What does this mean for the employee?

  • Will acquire a better understanding of the industry and learn new skills to assist them in accomplishing their responsibilities
  • An advanced qualification that can qualify them for higher standing or a better role within the company
  • A new skill set opens up the doors to work on new tasks and change your regular routine
  • Satisfaction that the employer is willing to invest money and time into their career development
  • A pathway to higher qualifications

Call us today to speak with a specialised assessor and develop a customised training program for your business and your employees.

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