Why Do Beauty Therapists Need Career Treatment?

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Why do beauty therapists need career treatment?

The beauty industry is really hot right now. Almost every week there is a new anti-ageing potion, pore-cleansing peel, acne-fighting formula, skin rejuvenator, body tonic, magic skin serum, hair removal treatment or revolutionary cosmetic being launched that promises to help eradicate those tell-tale wrinkles, stimulate collagen and generally make you look and feel younger.

From injections to fillers, microdermabrasion and laser tech, there is something for everyone these days and it’s no longer a ladies-only club either. Visiting a beauty therapist is becoming much like seeing a doctor or dentist, only without the nervous anticipation that accompanies it, at least after the first time anyway.

Beauty is skin deep but therapy goes beyond the surface

I clearly remember my initial consultation for a course of laser skin treatment. While I was sat in the reception area flicking through a magazine, it took everything in me not to bolt out the door. I felt vain and superficial for making such a big deal out of a few minor imperfections that could easily be covered over with makeup. I knew that others had way worse skin conditions than me, but the damage had already been done, and I’m not talking the physical kind. My emotions were running riot. The “I’m getting old syndrome” had reared its ugly head and I couldn’t take feeling like crap anymore. Something had to give.

Imagine my astonishment when I walked into that consultation and was put completely at ease. It wasn’t like a doctor or dentist proceeding to point out all of the ways I was harming my health with that underlying hint of disapproval.

On the contrary the very opposite was true. The skin specialist at the clinic really knew her stuff, but she didn’t use that against me by waffling on in a patronising rant. She helped me to discover how to take care of myself from the inside out, asking me basic questions about my diet, water intake, exercise regime, sleeping habits and stress levels with a genuinely caring tone in her voice. She didn’t push anything on me whatsoever. “It’s your choice whether you want to proceed”, she said, while explaining the ins and outs of it in an informed, no-pressure manner. I left with a question in mind. I thought “where have you been my whole life?”

Beauty therapists deserve recognition

In hindsight, what astounds me more is just how knowledgeable a beauty therapist can be on health matters, nutrition and the latest advances in the industry, both in practice and theory. Yet many enter the trade with an entry-level certificate and that’s where their formal education ends. Some are even managing their own beauty salon or wellness spa without any further training, but through a process of hard work, perseverance, learning from others and downright dedication to the craft.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying that there are many others still who opt to undertake additional courses of study. Specialised treatments must surely require a licensed certificate in some cases for health and safety reasons alone. But for whatever reason, there are people out there with valuable skills and experience that never got a chance to expand their knowledge in an official capacity.

Do you work in a salon or spa? Get a diploma through RPL without study!

What if I told you that you’re potentially eligible for a nationally recognised qualification without any further study? Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) offers an alternate route for anybody who wishes to progress in their career.

Whether you’ve acquired your skills through a course of study or training program, at work, in your own time, or a combination of different learning methods, RPL takes all of your previous experience into account to determine if you fulfil the essential criteria required for a qualification issued under the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework). Learn more about the RPL process here.

Give your career the star treatment

Is it time for a career makeover? A diploma-level qualification is usually the most common type held in the industry, followed by a certificate III/IV. Only a small proportion of beauty therapists undertake a Bachelor degree.

If you currently specialise in offering a comprehensive range of spa and beauty treatments, such as massage, hair removal, cosmetic tattooing, lash and brow treatment, nail technology, aromatherapy, makeup, skin care, and product advice, why not treat your career to a fast-acting Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

Are you a salon owner or manager? Qualify your managerial know-how with a Diploma of Salon Management and get the formal recognition you have earned on your path to self-made success.

With RPL, you can get qualified in weeks at a fraction of the original course cost, once you’ve submitted all of the evidence that will be needed to demonstrate your competency.

So why do beauty therapists need career treatment? Because they deserve it, of course! And a qualification is always useful in today’s world. You can take it with you wherever you go, whether you want to branch out entirely on your own, look for a better job, get paid a higher salary or land a promotion; it benefits the employer, customer and above all, YOU!

Get Qualified Australia are the nation’s award-winning RPL Specialists. Take a 2-3 minute free skills review online today and discover what qualifications you are eligible for.

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