Are You an Older Worker? Make Your Experience Count!

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Are you an older worker? Make your experience count!

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” (Albert Einstein)

It’s time for a change in this country, and it’s going to happen with or without the people’s consent. In a technologically superior mindset, it’s easy to forget the primitive traditions of the past, until there is no choice but to accept that they weren’t all completely wrong to begin with. Some of our oldest customs hit the nail right on the head, and yet somewhere along the way we began hammering from the wrong end.

The forgotten wisdom of the elders

Remember the old precept of ‘respect your elders’. Well, this wasn’t used merely to designate age, but rather it was about ripening, becoming wiser and reaching a point where years of living and learning actually counted for something. The elders were looked up to in the past. They were highly valued members of the human tribe, not because they couldn’t contribute anything more, or were a burden on society, but for the reverse reasons. The elders had so much knowledge to pass down to the younger generations, learned through years and years of proven firsthand experience that they were positioned at the top of the pyramid. Everything flowed down through them.

Unfortunately, today this sentiment feels somewhat hollow. Nearing retirement is no longer as much a cause for celebration, but often more of a downward spiral, where you’re not considered important, trustworthy or reliable in society anymore. Employers put their eggs in the basket of youth, while the older workforce is left to fight over the remaining scraps, which seems terribly unfair, especially for those who genuinely want or need to continue working.

Old age is ‘in’ again

Thankfully though, the table looks set for a drastic turnaround in the not so distant future. Our ageist society, in its absolute failure to acknowledge the valuable expertise held by millions of older Australians, must own up to its foolish naivety. Australia can’t survive without the elders. It needs their help to grow up.

Working well into our 60s will be common practice in decades to come. The karmic scales will finally fall in the favour of a population that is ageing in itself, with less and less young workers around to fill an ever widening gap in the labour market. Not only that, but the economy won’t be able to afford to waste such talent. In fact, it won’t survive without it.

Recognition of Prior Learning in modern times

There’s no point lying about it, money makes the world go round and if you want to earn it, a word of mouth recommendation will only get you so far. Qualifications are one of the major buzzwords of the contemporary age, and if you don’t have them, so long and good luck. It might sound harsh, but just having what it takes isn’t enough anymore. That little piece of paper really helps.

So if you’re one of those wise old owls looking for work, but keep getting turned away because your skills look out of date, maybe it’s time to get the recognition you deserve with a current qualification under your belt.

RPL, or Recognition of Prior Learning, is a modern revision to the traditional conception that wisdom and knowledge should be rewarded and recognised in the public domain. Vouched for by the Australian government, it enables you to reinforce your expertise with a nationally recognised qualification without needing to relearn what you already know in an academic environment.

Normally, you’d need to study a variety of course units over an extended timeframe before you’re qualified, but RPL bypasses this lengthy and costly process, saving time, money and teaching resources that would otherwise be wasted on students if they had previously covered the course material.

Get qualified within weeks!

“Experience is the teacher of all things”, Julius Caesar once famously remarked, which is why RPL offers a brilliant compromise to the dilemma faced by those who have accumulated useful skills throughout their lifetime, but perhaps haven’t had a chance to use them for a while, or maybe they didn’t go through the official channels in order to get them in the first place; they could have been acquired on-the-job instead.

Take a free skills review to assess your eligibility for a qualification through RPL in a matter of weeks without any unnecessary retraining involved. With hundreds of qualifications on offer, from the traditional trade services, such as plumbing, carpentry and construction, to business, finance, IT, retail and hospitality…the choices seem endless.

Whether you desire a complete career change, a new job, a promotion, or simply wish to re-enter the workforce after a period of absence (perhaps you’re just looking for some ideas to make some extra cash), consider RPL as a cost effective, time saving alternative.

After all, as a mature age worker, you didn’t get to where you are today only to start at the very beginning again. Make your experience count for something!

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