Go to the Head of the Class: RPL Early Education Diploma

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If you’ve been working to nurture and educate children as a career, your experience may earn you an official qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). The care and keeping of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers requires valuable skills, ones that RPL as a program is equipped to both recognise your skills and rewards your accomplishments, based on the merit of what you already know. Through RPL, earning your Diploma in Early Education and Care is a real possibility. You’ll boast your credentials quickly and easily, at a cost of thousands less than earning a degree through a traditional diploma program.

Experienced child care staff are hard working, multi-tasking, managers of multiple entities in an early education classroom. Keeping an eye on safety and hygiene while ensuring good nutrition and hydration, teaching basic skills to children in this setting requires patience, planning, and flexibility. These skills are in demand, and those holding an appropriate child care qualification often earns preferred status when applying for the best positions.

Whether you’ve learned these skills raising your own family at home, taking responsibility for other children, on the job, as a volunteer, or even in a formal classroom setting, your knowledge is key to advancing your career with the enhanced status this qualification provides. Isn’t it about time you got credit for the things you already know?

Writing lesson plans, scheduling field trip outings, and collecting materials for special projects, your days are full of important details that must be completed with skill. Keeping the classroom clean and tidy requires both good time management and knowledge of cleaning methods most appropriate to the task. Keeping the children in line, engaging their attention and inspiring their learning environment requires an experienced hand tempered with a little psychology.

If you’ve been working in this arena, you know the challenges, but you also know the rewards. There is nothing like the big hugs and lovely smiles from children that you’re mentoring, giving them skills as simple as tying a shoe, stacking a block, or counting with numbers to keep your day on track. Similarly, knowing how to turn contentious situations into helpful, positive, teachable moments is invaluable as children learn about social interaction.

Skilled early education and care workers know the drills and truly keep chaos at bay on a daily basis. If you are good at what you do and this is your chosen career field, why not boost your status and improve your employment prospects with this important credential. Your Diploma of Early Education and Care through an RPL program awaits, ready to elevate you to the next level. It’s time to graduate, so schedule a review for an RPL assessment today.

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