How to Get a Qualification Without Putting Your Life on Hold

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There’s a great new position opening up and it’s squarely in your wheelhouse. You would be perfect for the job, with all the right experience except for one little detail: you don’t have the required qualifications.

Going back to school after spending a few years, or even a few decades in the working world can seem an impossible plan. Responsibilities at work and home claim most of your time. And then there’s the cost. Traditional schooling can take years to complete, demanding tens of thousands of dollars in the process. There is another option.

Through Skills Recognition and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), all of your experience can earn you credit, advancing your academic status before you’ve even stepped foot in the classroom. The things you’ve learned on the job, as a volunteer, pursuing a hobby, or simply maintaining a home, can help you leapfrog over the coursework in your chosen field, saving both time and money on your way to the credentials you need to get ahead.

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Through skills recognition, the knowledge you’ve gained illustrates your level of expertise, proving what you already know. Whether you’ve learned skills on the job, in the classroom, working on a hobby, or simply making your way through life’s everyday tasks at home, those skills are useful in getting recognition where it’s due: on your resume and academic record.

Your experience through the years can help you get credit exemptions. Find out your eligibility for RPL by taking the free Skills Review.

Scheduling a consultation with an RPL Specialist, and gathering up information about your experience into a portfolio, will allow you to confirm your eligibility for a qualification at half the time, effort and cost, without the need for any classroom study or relearning what you already know.

Or perhaps you’re uncertain where all of your expertise could lead. A review with an expert could point you in a new, undiscovered direction with exciting job prospects.

The courses you’ve taken at work, that training you’ve received on the job, or the self-driven study you undertook to solve a particular problem are all valuable in the assessment. The hobby you’ve pursued for years, or the work you’ve done managing household budgets, organising family travel, keeping kitchens stocked and organised, and cooking for a crowd can all help you achieve the status of your dreams.

If you’ve been reading the job posts thinking the answer is “no” because of your lack of education, think again. The evaluation of your portfolio is the first step toward getting to “yes,” as the pieces of your expertise come together, forming a solid foundation from which to launch your career’s trajectory. In less time than you think, costing less than you imagine, you’ll have the credentials you need to pursue the kind of job you deserve.

You’ve been in a holding pattern that’s preventing you from advancing in your chosen field for too long, telling yourself “no” because you lack credentials. It’s time to tell yourself “yes,” learning how valuable recognition is for the important things you do every day.

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