How to Improve Visa and Migration Prospects Through RPL

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If working in Australia seems like an unreachable dream, think again. Through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), many foreign workers are able to gain the necessary visas and migration documents faster, easier, and with minimal expense. Landing that perfect job with one of Australia’s profitable companies is something anyone with skills in a number of different occupations can look forward to by collating evidence of their experience, and documenting their skills.

Allowing your experience to work for you, even if it was not gained in Australia, can earn you the qualifications, certifications, or degrees you need to get hired by one of Australia’s top companies, startups, small businesses, or international firms. All you need to do is seek out the qualification best suited to your background, apply for an RPL assessment, then follow the steps to receive official recognition for things you already know.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve learned skills on the job, as a volunteer, pursuing a hobby, researching on your own, or through a job in another country, what you know can help you get a big head start by earning the credentials you need. Migration to Australia and award of a 457 Visa, or Temporary Work/Skilled Visa will come to you faster and easier than you ever imagined.

A 457 Visa allows you to come to Australia to work for a nominated sponsor for up to four years. You are eligible for this visa if you have the required skills to fill an open position in an approved business. This visa allows you to bring your family to Australia to work or study, as well as travel in and out of Australia as frequently as you wish. You will also need a valid passport to apply for a 457 Visa.

Migrating to Australia by presenting experience and background along with an Expression of Interest (EOI) on the Australian Government’s SkillSelect site can help match you up with an appropriate company for nomination. Skills most in need for 2016 in Australia, according to several career sites, list accountants, architects, bankers, construction, education, energy, engineering, health care, information technology, legal, oil & gas, resources & mining, and sales & marketing as top categories for prospective employment.

Australia has a need for skilled workers in a number of additional fields. If you have experience in computers, electronics, design, or a trade like cabinet maker, panel beater, or glazier, there are many positions just waiting for your application and many companies willing to help you acquire the necessary documents to fill the position.

You can proceed through the process in pursuit of a skills category, pursuing a Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa to fulfill your dream. Or, if you can match your skills to a company job posting, you can enlist their help in speeding approval of your Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa or 457 Visa, getting you to the head of the line, living and working in Australia usually within 6-18 months of application.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, workers in Australia worked 1,656.0 million hours in January of 2016. That is an increase of 10.9 million hours, or 0.7% over the previous month. An RPL assessment and evaluation could put you on your way to becoming a part of those numbers, working in a position that makes the most of your experience. Ready to make your move? We thought you’d say yes.

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