Supercharge Your Electrical Career Through RPL

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Supercharge Your Electrical Career Through RPL

Electricity has come a long way since the so-called ‘war of the currents’ in the 1880s, when Thomas Alva Edison invented the incandescent light bulb and implemented the first example of a commercial Direct Current (DC) power system in New York. This was to be largely intercepted by the revolutionary Nikola Tesla, who pioneered the system of alternating current (AC), thereby making it possible to construct electric generators, motors and unparalleled power transmissions the likes of which the world had never believed could be possible.

Today, Tesla’s name continues to innovate and inspire. American car firm, Tesla Motors, introduced the world’s first fully electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster, a few years ago, followed shortly after by a luxury sedan, the Model S, along with two more exciting developments that are currently in the works.

A life without electricity can barely be conceived of in this day and age. It powers our technologically inclined world to such a degree that modern civilisation would surely collapse without it, which is why the visionary ingenuity of inventors like Edison and Tesla are still recognised as so invaluable.

But what is a career in electricity charged with in 2015? Well, there are a number of dynamic career outcomes available in a multifarious range of industries, from the traditional sparky, to airconditioning and refrigeration mechanics, automotive electricians, electrical engineers, electrical distribution trades workers and linesworkers to name a few.

The Department of Employment’s recent projections also indicate that positive growth is expected in Construction and the Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Service industries during the five years to 2019. So if you’re a self-confessed electro-tech head, consider supercharging your electrical career this year and power up your future with a lightning speed qualification through RPL.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) examines the knowledge and skills that you’ve accumulated throughout your life. Depending on the entry-level requirements and prerequisites of your electrical speciality, if you’ve completed formal apprenticeship training, or developed enough useful on-the-job experience, you can easily qualify in the trade. In a lot of cases, within a few weeks.

What are my RPL career options?

Electrotechnology – An exciting career path with a very bright future, the field of Electrotechnology exists all around us in our daily lives, working behind the scenes to constantly install, improve, integrate, repair and facilitate electrical advancements across a broad scope of technologies utilised in buildings and premises. These include air conditioning and refrigeration systems, electrical distribution, transmission and custom ICT solutions for business, commerce, industry, and home use.

Spark up your Electrotechnology career with a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician, and satisfy the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) requirements that would be needed to apply for an ‘Electrician’s licence’ upon completion.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re applying for this qualification via RPL you’ll need a minimum of 5 years’ industry experience.

Automotive Electrical Technology – Despite a forecast decline in motor vehicle and parts manufacturing in Australia, with Ford, Holden and Toyota all announcing factory shutdowns, there remains distinct skill shortages for automotive electricians. Electrical careers in this category are diverse, covering all manner of vehicles from a variety of aspects, whether it’s installing the latest electronic gadget, repairing, re-wiring or servicing automotive electrical components and hi-tech electronic systems. If you’re a keen problem-solver with excellent diagnostic skills, a technical mind and a desire for work that changes on a job-by-job basis, then automotive electrical technology could be a perfect career calling.

Jump-start your career as an Automotive Electrician or Electrical Technician with a Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology.

PLEASE NOTE: You’ll need a minimum of 4 years’ experience to be eligible for RPL.

Wherever you have spent time electrifying your talents, you can speed up the current pace of your career circuit in a very short time with RPL and Trade Skills Recognition. Visit for more information about the RPL process, or take a free skills assessment to see if you’re eligible for an accredited qualification from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

If you still require a little gap training, Get Qualified Australia are leading experts in RPL and Trades Recognition. They can advise the best course of action for you based on your personal skill-set and work experience by fusing together a training package that addresses your individual training requirements.

Start supercharging your electrical career today!


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