The Melbourne Cup: She’s Got Skills

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Anything, and we do mean anything, can happen when you put your mind to it. Just ask Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. In its 155 year history, Michelle has become the first and only female to put all of her talent, all of the horse’s best efforts, all of the trainer’s hard work, and all of the owner’s investment toward a first place finish at the race that stops a nation. Well, actually, two nations, if you count New Zealand.

Michelle not only had skills, but she also had a dream. She knew at an early age that she would win the Cup, making the announcement when she was just seven years old. After years of training, a terrible fall, a difficult recovery, a second fall, and more training, she overcame 100 to 1 odds in this rich, two-mile handicap race to take home the winner’s trophy.

While driven to succeed, Michelle didn’t get there on her own. She had help. Over the years, parents, trainers, owners, siblings, and friends all provided their support, putting their best effort forward to earn her the win. For this dream to happen, however, she still needed more. She needed a race to win.

Making the arrangements so that the Melbourne Cup race could take place required another, much larger team. One that knew how to groom the racecourse, decorate the field with 12,000 roses, arrange for the 100,000 guests to arrive, sit, and enjoy the events. It required a team to manage the fashion show and direct the television crews and photographers, while the horses, riders, trainers, and owners were properly housed and cared for. It required timers, officials, and judges to run the races, and a cast of thousands to see it all went smoothly. Teams like this are important in making big things happen, whether on the racecourse, in the office, or in the classroom. There’s still another important element, however, that was crucial to Michelle’s success.

Michelle had a dream. Think back to your early years, when all things still seemed possible. What was your dream? Did you achieve it? If not, are you still on track to get there? If you’re thinking that life has dealt you a different hand, steering you away from your dream, you might be surprised to learn of a way to put things back on track. It is called Recognition for Prior Learning, or RPL.

RPL considers workplace training, corporate training, and all types of learning, embracing formal, informal, and non-formal learning as valuable contributions to an academic award. If there is a certificate, qualification, or diploma that you’ve always dreamed of adding to your list of accomplishments, scheduling a free consultation to review your skills is the first step in the process. An RPL assessment will give you credit for the skills you’ve already mastered, allowing you to skip over introductory coursework and classroom study, gaining a head start on your dream.

Those mentors that taught you in your early career, that course you took in high school, that online program you made it through on your own, and that hobby you’ve pursued for years all count toward your experience, helping you to jump start the program that will achieve your dream. Through skills recognition, some programs may allow you to achieve your goal much sooner than you ever imagined, so dust off those dreams and let’s get started. Your odds are probably a bit better than 100 to 1, and look where that got Michelle.

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