Top 5 Things You Learn While Working in Retail

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Like any job, working in retail has its ups and downs. Whether you work casually throughout school, or decide to pursue a full-time career in retail, you will learn many skills along the way. The best part? Most of them are transferable skills that can apply to all aspects of your life, including your social interactions and relationships, schooling or other jobs. Here are the top five things you learn while working in retail.

1. Great customer service has its rewards
The first thing you are taught when working retail is how to deliver excellent customer service. Whether it’s a warm greeting, asking about their day or following the seven steps to sale perfectly, providing the best experience is a huge priority for stores. Thought it may seem like a lot of effort that sometimes produces zero reward – after all, sometimes people really are “just looking” – giving great customer service will improve the reputation of your store, increase sales and may even cause you to be rewarded by your supervisors. Nothing feels better than a customer or colleague complimenting you on your superior customer service!

2. Patience is key
When dealing with a difficult customer, or even a difficult colleague, it can be hard to keep your cool. However, remaining calm will not only allow you to see the situation more clearly and find a solution faster. Being patient will also earn you the respect of your co-workers.

3. How to work as a team
Teamwork is a part of almost every job, including retail. Whether you work in a large department store or small specialty shop, working with others will help you reach success. Tasks will be completed more efficiently and to a higher standard. You will enjoy your time at work more, and it will be reflected in the way you treat your customers. Better team work, more sales, less stress!

4. Working under pressure
During busy periods like Christmas, working in retail can become extremely stressful. Not only does the number of customers in your store increase, but also so does the amount of stock. After working in such a busy environment for a while, you will begin learning how to multi-task and work under pressure. These skills are excellent because they can be transferred to other parts of your life as well, especially if you’re a student.

5. How to be a problem solver
In retail you will always encounter problems. It could be a disgruntled customer or one with a language barrier, not enough space for stock being delivered, unmotivated employees or an error with your computer or EFTPOS machine. When these situations occur there is only one thing you can do, problem-solve! After encountering the same types of issues over and over, you will begin to learn how to problem solve efficiently and effectively by assessing the situation in your head.

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