Using What You Know: The Fast-Track MBA

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You’re a professional. You’ve learned the ropes, done the work, and know your stuff. You’ve got the ambition, the drive, and the skills that move winners forward. What’s missing?

If you just said your MBA, that’s about to change.

Going through a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program can be expensive and time consuming. It’s particularly challenging if you’re busy working, raising a family, or staying current in your field.

Traditionally, MBA programs span two years of coursework and cost tens of thousands of dollars. For many deserving souls, that simply isn’t a feasible option. But, what if there were a way to use what you already know, applying your expertise to a qualification to lighten the load? What if it could add those important letters after your name, quickly and efficiently? It might even earn status to meet requirements, ensure career advancement, and enhance job opportunities, without the financial and calendar pain.

Skills Recognition and Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) are expertise assessment programs that do just that. They look at your experience and work to speed things up and cut costs. Through an assessment with an RPL specialist, your experience counts and your path to a 12-month MBA is plotted. It’s quick, and it’s easy.

Consider all the ways you’ve learned what you know. In school, your formal pathways provided a standard level of achievement. On the job, you have solved hundreds, perhaps even thousands of problems through innovation and experimentation, and taken training courses that prove your competency. In life, as a volunteer, or just tinkering around with a hobby, you’ve learned lessons no teacher could possibly have delivered so effectively. Gather all that up and you’ve got quite the portfolio.

What you’ve learned in life can be applied toward the qualifications and diplomas of your dreams. Arranging and running meetings, scheduling travel, managing employees, troubleshooting operations, using computers and machinery, creating documents with software, it all adds up to give you credit where it is due.

Arranging a consultation with an RPL Specialist initiates the assessment process, launching your MBA pursuit right into the appropriate level of learning. You won’t have to spend time taking basic level courses covering material that your expertise shows you’ve mastered. That means you won’t have to pay for them, either.

Even if you’ve not yet earned a Level 8 Graduate Diploma, that achievement is often quickly and easily accomplished through Skills Recognition. Once that’s completed, you’ll be able to take on a Level 9 MBA at half the time and cost, making that giant, satisfying leap forward.

Whether you seek a promotion in your current position, hope to apply for a more senior position requiring MBA status, need to fulfill visa or licensing requirements, or simply want to elevate your status, the fast track MBA through Skills Recognition and RPL offers advantages that will get you to your goal faster. Can you think of a single reason not to get started today?


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