Video: RTO Partnerships with Get Qualified Australia RPL Specialists

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Are you an RTO looking to increase your RPL revenue streams? RTO Partnerships with Get Qualified Australia, a Skills Recognition and RPL Specialist, might be a great idea to grow your RPL business! Visit for more info!

What kind of RTO are you?

Do you focus on face-to-face studies?
E-learning Online studies?
Distant Education?


Do you focus on traineeships and government funded programs?

Whatever your focus is, you definitely see the market opportunity for Recognition of Prior Learning and skills recognition. But how do you deal with the systems, expertise, staff or the time in order to maximise the immense revenues and potential RPL has to offer?

Let Get Qualified Australia do the hard work for you!

As the leading RPL and Skills Recognition specialist, Get Qualified Australia has established partnerships with over 25 RTOs across the country and offers candidates more than 500 qualifications!

Avoid staff training, marketing expenses, and administration of RPL kits by partnering with Get Qualified Australia and take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to increase your RTOs revenues.

Even better, your college is marketed extensively across Australia via multiple media streams such as radio, television, and digital marketing.

So how does it work?

Once a partnering agreement is signed between Get Qualified Australia and your RTO, we market our specialised RPL services extensively across the country, which in turn markets your RTO and your qualifications. We work with applicants looking to obtain a qualification via RPL, and help them to develop a solid portfolio of evidence, and then assess and compile this portfolio for RTO final review.

When your RTO completes the portfolio review and confirms it meets all requirements, your RTO issues the qualification and posts it to Get Qualified Australia, and we forward it to the candidate.

How easy is that?

We ensure up to date insight into all qualifications and changes in training packages listed on and we also ensure efficiency and compliance in meeting all regulatory requirements and legislation.

Let Get Qualified Australia do the hard work while you get more students, more revenues, and issue more qualifications without having to spend one single dollar!

Interested in learning more? Call Get Qualified Australia today on 133 RPL (775) and Speak to a Business Development Manager or visit

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