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Have a blog, website, social media following, or other access to a number of individuals interested in RPL? Perfect! In under two minutes, you can sign up and be on your way to earning significant commission for your referrals.

Simply click on “Become an Affiliate Partner”, enter your details and password, and submit your information. After receiving a verification email in your inbox, click on the link provided. Your account is now set!  

Now you’ll need to send traffic to your affiliate links. Simply get your custom URL or banner ads from your dashboard and watch your clicks, leads, and sales grow!

You could easily earn 5% commission on every successful person you help refer. The more clicks you send, the more leads you’ll have, and the more sales you’ll receive.

As your referrals convert to actual sales, you’ll receive commission payments at the end of each month. To track your performance, simply go to your affiliate dashboard and click on “Your Performance”.

You could easily be working your way towards thousands of dollars in income each month! 

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