What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment pathway you can utilise to recognise the skills, knowledge and experience gained through work experience, life experience, training courses and work based training. This is assessed against the evidence requirements of one or more units of competency.

Because you’re not studying an entire course, but rather undergoing skills recognition, you only pay for the service of recognition provided and the cost of the qualification.

  • Up to 75% cheaper than traditional study
  • Simple fee-for-service payment
  • Flexible, interest-free payment plan available
  • No study debt

Getting recognition for the skills and experience you already have means that you won’t need to spend years studying an entire course, but rather achieve your qualification within the time it takes to collate and assess your evidence.

  • Skills recognition and RPL completed within weeks
  • Exemption on some or all units of your qualification  

No study means minimal effort required. The entire process is conducted online so you won’t have to travel.  All you need to do is provide evidence of your competency, and we’ll do the rest for you.

  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • No repetition of already gained training
  • Designated Facilitator 

Free Skills Review

Determine your eligibility for RPL by conducting a Free Skills Review. It only takes a few minutes! When it’s completed, you’ll have a brief discussion with an RPL specialist who will walk you through the process


Eligible? Get started

After you identify the qualifications you’re eligible for, it’s time to get started! You’ll receive a number of documents that will start the process. We’ll also team you up with an RPL Facilitator to help you along the way.


Submit evidence

Start with a simple Self-Assessment checklist. Next, we’ll work with you to gather your supporting evidence. Going through all of your work experience and determining suitable evidence can be hard. We strive to make it easier.


Evidence assessed

We’ll take care of the hard work and will organise and compile your evidence so that it’s aligned with the units of the qualification you’re after. This helps you to successfully achieve your qualification from one of our RTO partners.


Approved? Get qualified

It’s time for the good news! The Skills Recognition & RPL Process is complete provided you meet the requirements of each unit. You’re then issued with a Nationally Recognised Qualification from one of our RTO partners. Congratulations!

Our Skills Recognition & RPL Facilitators will help you to determine the best evidence you can use for the RPL proccess. This evidence can be from current employers, or those from the past.
Once your evidence is submitted, it's treated with strict confidentiality and we can talk to your employers if they have any concerns regarding Intellectual Property Rights or Trademark issues.

  • Resume, Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letters
  • An outline of the organisation that you work for
  • Link to online resume (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • References from current and past employers
  • References from supervisors/peers
  • Witness testimonies or third party reports
  • Performance appraisals or reviews
  • Letters of support/appreciation
  • Workplace awards, prizes or certificates
  • Feedback sheets
  • Evaluation forms
  • Training needs analysis/goals/sessions
  • Reviews of logbooks
  • Memos you have drafted
  • Letters you have drafted
  • Reports you have drafted
  • Plans you have drafted
  • Drawings you have created
  • Brochures/flyers you have produced
  • Promotional material
  • Handouts/samples
  • Notations made on documents
  • Forums/meetings/conferences/seminars you have helped organise
  • Pro-formas/forms you use
  • Spreadsheets
  • Scripts
  • Simulation of a work activity
  • Role plays
  • Assessment tools you may have used
  • Workplace evidence
  • A portfolio of workplace documents (such as policies and procedures) that you work with or developed
  • Any other samples of work you have produced
  • Photographs or videos of your work
  • Photographs or videos of you performing your work
  • Certificates, degrees or qualifications
  • Units of Competence
  • Statements of Attainment
  • Statements of Completion
  • Training diaries
  • Job cards
  • Schedules
  • Training diaries
  • Kits/induction tools
  • Checklists
  • Logbooks
  • Team meeting notes
  • Copies of daily “To Do List”
  • Team projects, outlining your roles
  • Minutes of meetings that involve you doing an action with a result and agenda
  • Booking sheets
  • Diary entries
  • Procedures/policies you work with
  • Pro-formas/forms you use
  • Department documents
  • Standards used
  • Confidential/privacy documents
  • Email correspondence
  • Team meeting notes
  • Memos
  • Fax messages
  • Skype conversations
  • Bookkeeping and any other financial records
  • Budgets/costing sheets and other samples

Not able to supply enough evidence to verify your competency and meet all of the unit requirements within the qualification? No problem. That's where Gap Training comes in. It's a way of filling in the relevant gaps within your work history, and it's simple to accomplish.

Visit Get Qualified Australia's FAQ page to view some of the RPL related frequently asked questions.