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rpl-certificate-ii-in-conservation-and-land-management-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for AHC21010 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management
rpl-certificate-iii-in-agriculture-release-8/ 1 page
RPL for AHC30110 Certificate III in Agriculture
rpl-certificate-iii-in-conservation-and-land-management-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for AHC31410 Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management
rpl-certificate-iii-in-horticulture/ 1 page
RPL for AHC30710 Certificate III in Horticulture
rpl-certificate-iii-in-landscape-construction-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for AHC30910 Certificate III in Landscape Construction
rpl-certificate-iii-in-parks-and-gardens-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for AHC31010 Certificate III in Parks and Gardens
rpl-certificate-iii-in-poultry-production-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for AHC30510 Certificate III in Poultry Production
rpl-certificate-iv-in-horticulture/ 1 page
RPL for AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture
rpl-certificate-iii-in-meat-processing-boning-room-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for MTM30111 Certificate III in Meat Processing (Boning Room)
rpl-certificate-iii-in-meat-processing-retail-butcher-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for MTM30813 Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher)
rpl-certificate-iii-in-meat-processing-slaughtering-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for MTM30511 Certificate III in Meat Processing (Slaughtering)
rpl-certificate-ii-in-automotive-air-conditioning-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for AUR20212 Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology
rpl-certificate-ii-in-automotive-servicing-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for AUR20512 Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology
rpl-certificate-ii-in-automotive-vocational-preparation-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for AUR20712 Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation
rpl-certificate-iii-in-automotive-body-repair-technology-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for AUR32112 Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology
rpl-certificate-iii-in-automotive-diesel-engine-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for AUR31512 Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology
rpl-certificate-iii-in-automotive-diesel-fuel-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for AUR31412 Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Fuel Technology
rpl-certificate-iii-in-automotive-electrical-technology/ 1 page
RPL for AUR30312 Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology
rpl-certificate-iii-in-automotive-refinishing-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for AUR32412 Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology
rpl-certificate-iii-in-automotive-sales-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for AUR31012 Certificate III in Automotive Sales
rpl-certificate-iii-in-automotive-underbody-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for AUR32512 Certificate III in Automotive Underbody Technology
rpl-certificate-iii-in-light-vehicle-mechanical-technology/ 1 page
RPL for AUR30612 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
rpl-certificate-iii-in-mobile-plant-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for AUR31212 Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology
rpl-certificate-iv-in-automotive-mechanical-diagnosis-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for AUR40212 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis
rpl-certificate-iv-in-automotive-mechanical-overhauling/ 1 page
RPL for AUR40812 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Overhauling
rpl-diploma-of-automotive-technology/ 1 page
RPL for AUR50212 Diploma of Automotive Technology
rpl-certificate-iii-in-heavy-commercial-vehicle-mechanical-technology-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for AUR31114 Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology
rpl-certificate-iii-in-aviation-ground-operations-and-service-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for AVI30408 Certificate III in Aviation (Ground Operations and Service)
rpl-certificate-ii-in-retail-make-up-and-skin-care/ 1 page
RPL for SIB20110 Certificate II in Retail Make-Up and Skin Care
rpl-certificate-iii-in-beauty-services/ 1 page
RPL for SIB30110 Certificate III in Beauty Services
rpl-certificate-iv-in-beauty-therapy-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for SIB40110 Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy
rpl-diploma-of-beauty-therapy-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for SIB50110 Diploma of Beauty Therapy
rpl-diploma-of-salon-management/ 1 page
RPL for SIB50210 Diploma of Salon Management
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-business-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-leadership-and-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-management-human-resources-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB60915 Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources)
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-marketing-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB60515 Advanced Diploma of Marketing
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-program-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB61215 Advanced Diploma of Program Management
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-work-health-and-safety-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB60615 Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety
rpl-certificate-i-in-business-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB10115 Certificate I in Business
rpl-certificate-ii-in-business-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB20115 Certificate II in Business
rpl-certificate-ii-in-customer-engagement-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB20215 Certificate II in Customer Engagement
rpl-certificate-iii-in-business-administration-medical-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB31115 Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical)
rpl-certificate-iii-in-business-administration-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration
rpl-certificate-iii-in-business-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB30115 Certificate III in Business
rpl-certificate-iii-in-customer-engagement-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB30215 Certificate III in Customer Engagement
rpl-certificate-iii-in-micro-business-operations-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB30315 Certificate III in Micro Business Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-work-health-and-safety-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB30715 Certificate III in Work Health and Safety
rpl-certificate-iv-in-advertising-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB40115 Certificate IV in Advertising
rpl-certificate-iv-in-business-administration-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration
rpl-certificate-iv-in-business-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business
rpl-certificate-iv-in-business-sales-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB40615 Certificate IV in Business Sales
rpl-certificate-iv-in-customer-engagement-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB40315 Certificate IV in Customer Engagement
rpl-certificate-iv-in-franchising-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for BSB40715 Certificate IV in Franchising
rpl-certificate-iv-in-human-resources-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB41015 Certificate IV in Human Resources
rpl-certificate-iv-in-leadership-and-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
rpl-certificate-iv-in-marketing-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB41315 Certificate IV in Marketing
rpl-certificate-iv-in-new-small-business-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business
rpl-certificate-iv-in-project-management-practice-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
rpl-certificate-iv-in-small-business-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB40415 Certificate IV in Small Business Management
rpl-certificate-iv-in-work-health-and-safety-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
rpl-diploma-of-business-administration-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration
rpl-diploma-of-business-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB50215 Diploma of Business
rpl-diploma-of-customer-engagement-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB50315 Diploma of Customer Engagement
rpl-diploma-of-franchising-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB50515 Diploma of Franchising
rpl-diploma-of-human-resources-management-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for BSB50615 Diploma of Human Resources Management
rpl-diploma-of-leadership-and-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management
rpl-diploma-of-marketing-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB51215 Diploma of Marketing
rpl-diploma-of-project-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management
rpl-diploma-of-quality-auditing-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing
rpl-diploma-of-work-health-and-safety-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety
rpl-graduate-certificate-in-leadership-diversity-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB80315 Graduate Certificate in Leadership Diversity
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-business-management-general/ 1 page
RPL for 10480NAT Graduate Diploma of Business Management (General)
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-business-management-hospitality/ 1 page
RPL for 10480NAT-D Graduate Diploma of Business Management (Hospitality)
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-business-management-logistics/ 1 page
RPL for 10480NAT-E Graduate Diploma of Business Management (Logistics)
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-business-management-project/ 1 page
RPL for 10480NAT-A Graduate Diploma of Business Management (Project)
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-business-management-risk/ 1 page
RPL for 10480NAT-B Graduate Diploma of Business Management (Risk)
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-business-management-tourism/ 1 page
RPL for 10480NAT-C Graduate Diploma of Business Management (Tourism)
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-management-learning-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB80615 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-portfolio-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB80415 Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-strategic-leadership-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for BSB80215 Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-community-sector-management-release-1/ 2 pages
RPL for CHC60312 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management
RPL for CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management
rpl-certificate-ii-in-community-services-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC22015 Certificate II in Community Services
rpl-certificate-iii-in-aged-care/ 1 page
RPL for CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care
rpl-certificate-iii-in-community-services-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services
rpl-certificate-iii-in-community-services-work-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CHC30112 Certificate III in Community Services Work
rpl-certificate-iii-in-disability/ 1 page
RPL for CHC30408 Certificate III in Disability
rpl-certificate-iii-in-early-childhood-education-and-care/ 1 page
RPL for CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
rpl-certificate-iii-in-education-support-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support
rpl-certificate-iii-in-home-and-community-care/ 1 page
RPL for CHC30312 Certificate III in Home and Community Care
rpl-certificate-iii-in-individual-support-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support
rpl-certificate-iv-in-aged-care/ 1 page
RPL for CHC40108 Certificate IV in Aged Care
rpl-certificate-iv-in-ageing-support-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support
rpl-certificate-iv-in-child-youth-and-family-intervention-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CHC40313 Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention
rpl-certificate-iv-in-community-services-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC42015 Certificate IV in Community Services
rpl-certificate-iv-in-community-services-work/ 1 page
RPL for CHC40708 Certificate IV in Community Services Work
rpl-certificate-iv-in-disability-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability
rpl-certificate-iv-in-disability/ 1 page
RPL for CHC40312 Certificate IV in Disability
rpl-certificate-iv-in-education-support-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CHC40213 Certificate IV in Education Support
rpl-certificate-iv-in-home-and-community-care-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC40212 Certificate IV in Home and Community Care
rpl-certificate-iv-in-mental-health-peer-work-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC43515 Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work
rpl-certificate-iv-in-mental-health-peer-work-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CHC42912 Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work
rpl-certificate-iv-in-mental-health-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health
rpl-certificate-iv-in-mental-health/ 1 page
RPL for CHC40512 Certificate IV in Mental Health
rpl-certificate-iv-in-youth-work-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CHC40413 Certificate IV in Youth Work
rpl-diploma-of-community-services-coordination-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC52212 Diploma of Community Services Coordination
rpl-diploma-of-community-services-mental-health-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC50312 Diploma of Community Services (Mental health)
rpl-diploma-of-community-services-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services
rpl-diploma-of-community-services-work/ 1 page
RPL for CHC50612 Diploma of Community Services Work
rpl-diploma-of-disability/ 1 page
RPL for CHC50108 Diploma of Disability
rpl-diploma-of-early-childhood-education-and-care-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
rpl-diploma-of-mental-health-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CHC53315 Diploma of Mental Health
rpl-diploma-of-school-age-education-and-care-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for CHC50213 Diploma of School Age Education and Care
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-community-sector-management-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CHC80108 Graduate Diploma of Community Sector Management
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-building-and-construction-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPC60212 Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)
rpl-certificate-i-in-construction/ 1 page
RPL for CPC10111 Certificate I in Construction
rpl-certificate-ii-in-construction-pathways-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for CPC20211 Certificate II in Construction Pathways
rpl-certificate-ii-in-construction-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPC20112 Certificate II in Construction
rpl-certificate-iii-in-bricklayingblocklaying/ 1 page
RPL for CPC30111 Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying
rpl-certificate-iii-in-carpentry/ 1 page
RPL for CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry
rpl-certificate-iii-in-concreting-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPC30313 Certificate III in Concreting
rpl-certificate-iii-in-construction-waterproofing-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC31411 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing
rpl-certificate-iii-in-demolition-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPC30413 Certificate III in Demolition
rpl-certificate-iii-in-dogging-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC30511 Certificate III in Dogging
rpl-certificate-iii-in-formworkfalsework/ 1 page
RPL for CPC31511 Certificate III in Formwork/Falsework
rpl-certificate-iii-in-joinery-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC31912 Certificate III in Joinery
rpl-certificate-iii-in-painting-and-decorating/ 1 page
RPL for CPC30611 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating
rpl-certificate-iii-in-plumbing-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPC32413 Certificate III in Plumbing
rpl-certificate-iii-in-rigging-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC30711 Certificate III in Rigging
rpl-certificate-iii-in-roof-plumbing-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPC32612 Certificate III in Roof Plumbing
rpl-certificate-iii-in-scaffolding-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC30911 Certificate III in Scaffolding
rpl-certificate-iii-in-signage-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC32111 Certificate III in Signage
rpl-certificate-iii-in-solid-plastering-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC31011 Certificate III in Solid Plastering
rpl-certificate-iii-in-steelfixing-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC31111 Certificate III in Steelfixing
rpl-certificate-iii-in-stonemasonry-monumentalinstallation-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPC32313 Certificate III in Stonemasonry (Monumental/Installation)
rpl-certificate-iii-in-wall-and-ceiling-lining-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC31211 Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining
rpl-certificate-iii-in-wall-and-floor-tiling/ 1 page
RPL for CPC31311 Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling
rpl-certificate-iv-in-building-and-construction-building/ 1 page
RPL for CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-building-and-construction-contract-administration-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC40208 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Contract Administration)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-building-and-construction-estimating-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for CPC40308 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Estimating)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-building-and-construction-site-management-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for CPC40508 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Site Management)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-plumbing-and-services/ 1 page
RPL for CPC40912 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services
rpl-diploma-of-building-and-construction-building/ 1 page
RPL for CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
rpl-diploma-of-building-and-construction-management-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPC50308 Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)
rpl-certificate-iii-in-air-conditioning-and-refrigeration-release-6/ 1 page
RPL for UEE32211 Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration
rpl-certificate-iii-in-electrical-fitting-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for UEE33011 Certificate III in Electrical Fitting
rpl-certificate-iii-in-electrotechnology-electrician/ 1 page
RPL for UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-integrated-risk-management-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for FNS60815 Advanced Diploma of Integrated Risk Management
rpl-certificate-iii-in-financial-services-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for FNS30115 Certificate III in Financial Services
rpl-certificate-iii-in-financial-services-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for FNS30111 Certificate III in Financial Services
rpl-certificate-iv-in-accounting-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for FNS40615 Certificate IV in Accounting
rpl-certificate-iv-in-bookkeeping-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for FNS40215 Certificate IV in Bookkeeping
rpl-diploma-of-accounting-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting
rpl-certificate-iii-in-retail-baking-bread/ 1 page
RPL for FDF30610 Certificate III in Retail Baking (Bread)
rpl-certificate-iii-in-retail-baking-combined/ 1 page
RPL for FDF30710 Certificate III in Retail Baking (Combined)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-advanced-baking-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for FDF40811 Certificate IV in Advanced Baking
rpl-certificate-iv-in-flour-milling-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for FDF41012 Certificate IV in Flour Milling
rpl-certificate-i-in-access-to-vocational-pathways-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for FSK10113 Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways
rpl-certificate-i-in-skills-for-vocational-pathways-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for FSK10213 Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways
rpl-certificate-ii-in-skills-for-work-and-vocational-pathways-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways
rpl-certificate-iii-in-cabinet-making-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for MSF31113 Certificate III in Cabinet Making
rpl-certificate-iii-in-glass-and-glazing-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for MSF30413 Certificate III in Glass and Glazing
rpl-certificate-iv-in-glass-and-glazing-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for MSF40413 Certificate IV in Glass and Glazing
rpl-certificate-ii-in-hairdressing/ 1 page
RPL for SIH20111 Certificate II in Hairdressing
rpl-certificate-iii-in-hairdressing/ 1 page
RPL for SIH30111 Certificate III in Hairdressing
rpl-certificate-iv-in-hairdressing/ 1 page
RPL for SIH40111 Certificate IV in Hairdressing
rpl-graduate-certificate-in-hairdressing-creative-leadership-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIH80113 Graduate Certificate in Hairdressing Creative Leadership
rpl-certificate-ii-in-health-support-services-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for HLT21212 Certificate II in Health Support Services
rpl-certificate-iii-in-health-services-assistance/ 1 page
RPL for HLT32512 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
rpl-certificate-iii-in-health-support-services-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for HLT32812 Certificate III in Health Support Services
rpl-certificate-iv-in-health-supervision-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for HLT40412 Certificate IV in Health Supervision
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-information-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for ICT60115 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology
rpl-diploma-of-information-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for ICT50115 Diploma of Information Technology
rpl-graduate-certificate-in-information-technology-and-strategic-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for ICT80115 Graduate Certificate in Information Technology and Strategic Management
rpl-certificate-iii-in-process-manufacturing-release-5/ 1 page
RPL for MSA30107 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing
rpl-certificate-iv-in-process-manufacturing-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for MSA40311 Certificate IV in Process Manufacturing
rpl-diploma-of-production-management-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for MSA50311 Diploma of Production Management
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-engineering-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for MEM60112 Advanced Diploma of Engineering
rpl-certificate-ii-in-engineering-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for MEM20105 Certificate II in Engineering
rpl-certificate-iii-in-engineering-fabrication-trade/ 1 page
RPL for MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade
rpl-certificate-iii-in-engineering-mechanical-trade/ 1 page
RPL for MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade
rpl-certificate-iv-in-engineering-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for MEM40105 Certificate IV in Engineering
rpl-diploma-of-engineering-advanced-trade-release-5/ 1 page
RPL for MEM50105 Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-engineering-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for MEM80112 Graduate Diploma of Engineering
rpl-certificate-i-in-security-operations/ 1 page
RPL for CPP10107 Certificate I in Security Operations
rpl-certificate-ii-in-cleaning-operations-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPP20611 Certificate II in Cleaning Operations
rpl-certificate-ii-in-security-operations/ 1 page
RPL for CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-cleaning-operations-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPP31011 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-investigative-services/ 1 page
RPL for CPP30607 Certificate III in Investigative Services
rpl-certificate-iii-in-security-operations/ 1 page
RPL for CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations
rpl-certificate-iv-in-cleaning-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPP41011 Certificate IV in Cleaning Management
rpl-certificate-iv-in-home-sustainability-assessment-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPP41110 Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment
rpl-certificate-iv-in-nathers-assessment-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPP41212 Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment
rpl-certificate-iv-in-property-services-real-estate-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-security-and-risk-management/ 1 page
RPL for CPP40707 Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management
rpl-diploma-of-building-design-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for CPP50911 Diploma of Building Design
rpl-diploma-of-security-and-risk-management/ 1 page
RPL for CPP50611 Diploma of Security and Risk Management
rpl-certificate-iv-in-public-safety-leadership-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for PUA41012 Certificate IV in Public Safety (Leadership)
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-government-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP60512 Advanced Diploma of Government (Management)
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-government-occupational-health-safety-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP60612 Advanced Diploma of Government (Occupational Health & Safety)
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-government-procurement-and-contracting-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP61212 Advanced Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-government-border-protection-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP40212 Certificate IV in Government (Border Protection)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-government-court-compliance-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP40312 Certificate IV in Government (Court Compliance)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-government-court-services-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP40412 Certificate IV in Government (Court Services)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-government-fraud-control-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP40612 Certificate IV in Government (Fraud Control)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-government-investigation-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP41512 Certificate IV in Government (Investigation)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-government-occupational-health-safety-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP41112 Certificate IV in Government (Occupational Health & Safety)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-government-procurement-and-contracting-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP42412 Certificate IV in Government (Procurement and Contracting)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-government-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP40112 Certificate IV in Government
rpl-certificate-iv-in-government-security-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP41612 Certificate IV in Government (Security)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-government-statutory-compliance-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP41412 Certificate IV in Government (Statutory Compliance)
rpl-diploma-of-government-financial-services-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP50512 Diploma of Government (Financial Services)
rpl-diploma-of-government-fraud-control-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP50612 Diploma of Government (Fraud Control)
rpl-diploma-of-government-injury-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP50912 Diploma of Government (Injury Management)
rpl-diploma-of-government-investigation-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP51712 Diploma of Government (Investigation)
rpl-diploma-of-government-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP51112 Diploma of Government (Management)
rpl-diploma-of-government-occupational-health-safety-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP51212 Diploma of Government (Occupational Health & Safety)
rpl-diploma-of-government-policy-development-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP51412 Diploma of Government (Policy Development)
rpl-diploma-of-government-procurement-and-contracting-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP52512 Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting)
rpl-diploma-of-government-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP50112 Diploma of Government
rpl-diploma-of-government-security-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP51812 Diploma of Government (Security)
rpl-diploma-of-government-workplace-inspection-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for PSP51912 Diploma of Government (Workplace Inspection)
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-civil-construction-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for RII60615 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-civil-construction-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII60613 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-surface-coal-mining-management-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for RII60713 Advanced Diploma of Surface Coal Mining Management
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-underground-coal-mining-management-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII60313 Advanced Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management
rpl-certificate-i-in-resources-and-infrastructure-operations-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII10113 Certificate I in Resources and Infrastructure Operations
rpl-certificate-ii-in-civil-construction-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for RII20715 Certificate II in Civil Construction
rpl-certificate-ii-in-civil-construction-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII20713 Certificate II in Civil Construction
rpl-certificate-ii-in-resource-processing-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII20513 Certificate II in Resource Processing
rpl-certificate-ii-in-resources-and-infrastructure-work-preparation-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for RII20115 Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation
rpl-certificate-ii-in-resources-and-infrastructure-work-preparation-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII20113 Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation
rpl-certificate-ii-in-surface-extraction-operations-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for RII20215 Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations
rpl-certificate-ii-in-surface-extraction-operations-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII20213 Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations
rpl-certificate-ii-in-underground-coal-mining-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII20313 Certificate II in Underground Coal Mining
rpl-certificate-ii-in-underground-metalliferous-mining-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII20413 Certificate II in Underground Metalliferous Mining
rpl-certificate-iii-in-civil-construction-plant-operations-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for RII30815 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-civil-construction-plant-operations-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII30813 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-civil-construction-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for RII30915 Certificate III in Civil Construction
rpl-certificate-iii-in-civil-construction-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII30913 Certificate III in Civil Construction
rpl-certificate-iii-in-civil-foundations-release-1/ 2 pages
RPL for RII31213 Certificate III in Civil Foundations
RPL for RII31215 Certificate III in Civil Foundations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-drilling-oilgas-on-shore-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII32013 Certificate III in Drilling Oil/Gas (On shore)
rpl-certificate-iii-in-drilling-operations-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII31813 Certificate III in Drilling Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-mine-emergency-response-and-rescue-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII30713 Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue
rpl-certificate-iii-in-mining-exploration-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII30513 Certificate III in Mining Exploration
rpl-certificate-iii-in-resource-processing-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII30413 Certificate III in Resource Processing
rpl-certificate-iii-in-surface-extraction-operations-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for RII30115 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-surface-extraction-operations-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII30113 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-trenchless-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for RII31613 Certificate III in Trenchless Technology
rpl-certificate-iii-in-underground-coal-operations-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII30213 Certificate III in Underground Coal Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-underground-metalliferous-mining-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII30313 Certificate III in Underground Metalliferous Mining
rpl-certificate-iv-in-civil-construction-operations-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII40613 Certificate IV in Civil Construction Operations
rpl-certificate-iv-in-civil-construction-supervision-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for RII40715 Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision
rpl-certificate-iv-in-civil-construction-supervision-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII40713 Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision
rpl-certificate-iv-in-drilling-operations-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII40913 Certificate IV in Drilling Operations
rpl-certificate-iv-in-metalliferous-mining-operations-underground-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII40313 Certificate IV in Metalliferous Mining Operations (Underground)
rpl-certificate-iv-in-resource-processing-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII40513 Certificate IV in Resource Processing
rpl-certificate-iv-in-surface-extraction-operations-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII40113 Certificate IV in Surface Extraction Operations
rpl-certificate-iv-in-underground-coal-operations-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for RII40413 Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations
rpl-diploma-of-civil-construction-management-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for RII50415 Diploma of Civil Construction Management
rpl-diploma-of-civil-construction-management-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII50413 Diploma of Civil Construction Management
rpl-diploma-of-surface-operations-management-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII50113 Diploma of Surface Operations Management
rpl-diploma-of-underground-coal-mining-management-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for RII50913 Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management
rpl-certificate-ii-in-retail-services/ 1 page
RPL for SIR20212 Certificate II in Retail Services
rpl-certificate-iii-in-retail-operations/ 1 page
RPL for SIR30212 Certificate III in Retail Operations
rpl-certificate-iv-in-retail-management/ 1 page
RPL for SIR40212 Certificate IV in Retail Management
rpl-diploma-of-retail-management/ 1 page
RPL for SIR50112 Diploma of Retail Management
rpl-certificate-ii-in-outdoor-recreation-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIS20213 Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
rpl-certificate-iii-in-fitness-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIS30313 Certificate III in Fitness
rpl-certificate-iii-in-outdoor-recreation-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIS30413 Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation
rpl-certificate-iv-in-fitness/ 1 page
RPL for SIS40210 Certificate IV in Fitness
rpl-certificate-iv-in-outdoor-recreation-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIS40313 Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation
rpl-diploma-of-fitness-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIS50213 Diploma of Fitness
rpl-diploma-of-outdoor-recreation/ 1 page
RPL for SIS50310 Diploma of Outdoor Recreation
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-competitive-systems-and-practices-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for MSS60312 Advanced Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices
rpl-certificate-iii-in-competitive-systems-and-practices-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for MSS30312 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices
rpl-certificate-iv-in-competitive-systems-and-practices-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for MSS40312 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices
rpl-diploma-of-competitive-systems-and-practices-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for MSS50312 Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices
rpl-graduate-certificate-in-competitive-systems-and-practices-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for MSS70312 Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices
rpl-certificate-ii-in-textile-production-complex-or-multiple-processes-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for LMT20207 Certificate II in Textile Production (Complex or Multiple Processes)
rpl-certificate-ii-in-textile-production-intermediate-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for LMT20107 Certificate II in Textile Production (Intermediate)
rpl-certificate-iii-in-leather-production-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for LMT30907 Certificate III in Leather Production
rpl-certificate-iii-in-textile-production-release-2/ 1 page
RPL for LMT30107 Certificate III in Textile Production
rpl-diploma-of-applied-fashion-design-and-technology-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for LMT50307 Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-events/ 1 page
RPL for SIT60212 Advanced Diploma of Events
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-hospitality-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT60313 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality
rpl-advanced-diploma-of-travel-and-tourism/ 1 page
RPL for SIT60112 Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism
rpl-certificate-i-in-hospitality-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT10213 Certificate I in Hospitality
rpl-certificate-ii-in-hospitality-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT20213 Certificate II in Hospitality
rpl-certificate-ii-in-kitchen-operations/ 1 page
RPL for SIT20312 Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
rpl-certificate-ii-in-tourism-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for SIT20112 Certificate II in Tourism
rpl-certificate-iii-in-asian-cookery-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT30913 Certificate III in Asian Cookery
rpl-certificate-iii-in-catering-operations-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT31013 Certificate III in Catering Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-commercial-cookery-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT30813 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
rpl-certificate-iii-in-events/ 1 page
RPL for SIT30612 Certificate III in Events
rpl-certificate-iii-in-hospitality-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT30713 Certificate III in Hospitality
rpl-certificate-iii-in-patisserie-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT31113 Certificate III in Patisserie
rpl-certificate-iii-in-tourism/ 1 page
RPL for SIT30112 Certificate III in Tourism
rpl-certificate-iv-in-asian-cookery-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT40513 Certificate IV in Asian Cookery
rpl-certificate-iv-in-commercial-cookery-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT40413 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
rpl-certificate-iv-in-hospitality-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT40313 Certificate IV in Hospitality
rpl-certificate-iv-in-patisserie-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT40713 Certificate IV in Patisserie
rpl-certificate-iv-in-travel-and-tourism-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for SIT40212 Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism
rpl-diploma-of-events/ 1 page
RPL for SIT50212 Diploma of Events
rpl-diploma-of-hospitality-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for SIT50313 Diploma of Hospitality
rpl-diploma-of-travel-and-tourism/ 1 page
RPL for SIT50112 Diploma of Travel and Tourism
rpl-certificate-iv-in-training-and-assessment/ 1 page
RPL for TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
rpl-diploma-of-training-design-and-development/ 1 page
RPL for TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development
rpl-diploma-of-vocational-education-and-training/ 1 page
RPL for TAE50111 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
rpl-graduate-certificate-in-digital-education-release-1/ 1 page
RPL for TAE80312 Graduate Certificate in Digital Education
rpl-graduate-diploma-of-management-learning/ 1 page
RPL for TAE80210 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)
rpl-certificate-ii-in-logistics/ 1 page
RPL for TLI21810 Certificate II in Logistics
rpl-certificate-ii-in-warehousing-operations/ 1 page
RPL for TLI21610 Certificate II in Warehousing Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-driving-operations-release-6/ 1 page
RPL for TLI31210 Certificate III in Driving Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-logistics/ 1 page
RPL for TLI32410 Certificate III in Logistics
rpl-certificate-iii-in-mobile-crane-operations-release-3/ 1 page
RPL for TLI31710 Certificate III in Mobile Crane Operations
rpl-certificate-iii-in-warehousing-operations/ 1 page
RPL for TLI31610 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations
rpl-certificate-iv-in-logistics/ 1 page
RPL for TLI42010 Certificate IV in Logistics
rpl-certificate-iv-in-warehousing-operations-release-4/ 1 page
RPL for TLI41810 Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations
rpl-diploma-of-logistics/ 1 page
RPL for TLI50410 Diploma of Logistics
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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Terms & Conditions
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Customer Testimonials - Get Qualified Australia
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Trade Licensing With RPL & Trade Skills Recognition
automotive-retail-service-and-repair/ 1 page
RPL for Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Qualifications
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RPL for Automotive Qualifications
aviation/ 1 page
RPL for Aviation Qualifications
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RPL for Beauty Qualifications
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RPL for Business Qualifications
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RPL for Civil Construction Qualifications
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RPL for Community Services Qualifications
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RPL for Construction Qualifications
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RPL for Electrotechnology Qualifications
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RPL for Engineering Qualifications
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RPL for Financial Services Qualifications
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RPL for Fitness & Recreation Qualifications
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RPL for Food Processing Qualifications
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RPL for Foundation Skills Qualifications
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RPL for Glass and Glazing Qualifications
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RPL for Hairdressing Qualifications
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RPL for Health and Massage Qualifications
horticulture-land-management/ 1 page
RPL for Horticulture & Land Management Qualifications
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RPL for Hospitality & Tourism Qualifications
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RPL for Information Technology Qualifications
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RPL for Manufacturing Qualifications
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RPL for Meat Processing Qualifications
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RPL for Property and Security Qualifications
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RPL for Public Safety Qualifications
public-sector/ 1 page
RPL for Public Sector Qualifications
retail/ 1 page
RPL for Retail Qualifications
sustainability/ 1 page
RPL for Sustainability Qualifications
textiles-clothing-footwear/ 1 page
RPL for Textiles, Clothing & Footwear Qualifications
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RPL for Transport & Logistics Qualifications
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RPL for Vocational Education & Training Qualifications
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University Exemptions - Get Qualified Australia