Care for your career

If your experience entails providing care to animals, managing or working in companion animal services, engaging in animal control and regulation, providing veterinary nursing or farriery services, then utilising RPL to achieve professional recognition is the best way to advance your career in animal care. Get Qualified Australia currently offers the following qualifications within the Animal Care and Management training package.

Diploma of Animal Technology

Care for your career as much as you care for your furry friends. Get this diploma easily using only your skills in conducting non-surgical procedures on animals or your expertise in carrying out advanced breeding methods.

Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services

An experienced manager within a companion animal organisation? Unlock new career opportunities and achieve formal recognition with this Certificate IV.

Certificate IV in Pet Styling

Have experience managing pet styling services and grooming salons? Achieve your Certificate IV to formally recognise your experience.

Certificate III in Animal Technology

If you regularly provide enrichment for animals, maintain and monitor animal health and wellbeing, or care for a wide variety of pets, then you are probably already qualified for this certificate.

Certificate III in Companion Animal Services

If you have experience attending to pet needs within a companion animal organisation, then this Certificate III is an ideal way to improve your job opportunities within the animal care industry.

Certificate III in Pet Grooming

Have experience grooming domestic pets? This Certificate III qualification can help improve your job opportunities within the pet grooming industry through RPL.