Bake up a qualification

If you've developed skills in retail and advanced baking, flour milling, brewery, or food production and packaging through hands-on experience, then RPL is the ideal process for you to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. Get Qualified Australia currently offers the following qualifications within the Food Processing training package.

Certificate IV in Food Processing

Have experience supervising food processing operations? Achieve your Diploma to qualify your experience end improve your employment opportunities.

Certificate IV in Advanced Baking

Achieve professional accreditation as a retail baker, bread maker or pastry chef. Use your experience producing bakery products within a managerial, owner or senior baking position.

Certificate III in Food Processing

This qualification could be the main ingredient you need to break into various food processing industries, such as grain processing facilities, confectioneries, dairy processing plants, and more.

Certificate III in Retail Baking (Combined)

Do you find joy in baking bread, decorating cakes and cookies, producing pastries, or preparing fillings for your sweet confections? If you are already working as professional in the retail baking industry, perhaps you are already qualified for this certificate.