A hospitable service for your career

Whether you have experience in hotel management, planning quality events, travelling, commercial cookery or patisserie, getting your experience recognised via RPL is the perfect way to become an accredited professional and broaden your career prospects within this fast-growing, high-demand industry. Get Qualified Australia currently offers the following qualifications within the Hospitality, Events, Tourism & Travel training package.

Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism

This qualification is ideal for senior managers, general managers, business development and oeprations managers within the travel and tourism industry. Enhance your career today via RPL.

Advanced Diploma of Event Management

This Advanced Diploma is an ideal way for senior event managers to achieve formal recognitionor their existing skills and experience in event management, thanks to RPL.

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

If you're an experienced senior manager within the hospitality industry, then achieving this Advanced Diploma via RPL is the perfect way to become a qualified hospitality professional within various industry sectors.

Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Advance your career in travel and tourism. Get your managerial or supervisory level exprience coordinating tourism and travel services recgnised via RPL.

Diploma of Event Management

Have experience coordinating and manager events? Achieve your Diploma to qualify your experience and pave the way for the new career opportunities, all through RPL.

Diploma of Hospitality Management

If you have experience managing business and other operations within the hospitality industry, then this Diploma is an opportune way to achieve formal recognition and increase your employment opportunities via RPL.

Certificate IV in Hospitality

Are you working in the hospitality industry as a supervisor, coordinator or team leader? This Certificate IV in Hospitality is the perfect way for you to increase your employment prospects in hospitality.

Certificate IV in Patisserie

If you have extensive experience in producing pastry and patisserie products within a supervisory or team leader role, then this qualification is an ideal way for you to become a qualified patissier or pastry chef.

Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism

Do you have experience supervising or coordinating travel and tourism operations? Achieve professional recognition and get ahead in your tourism and travel career with this Certificate IV.

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

If you're a commercial cook who has supervisory level experience within the kitchen, then become a qualified chef with this Certificate IV level qualification via RPL.

Certificate III in Hospitality

Does your experience involve providing sales and/or operational service within the hospitality industry? Use your skills and experience to build a career in hospitality via RPL.

Certificate III in Tourism

This qualification is an ideal way for tourist guides, sales consultants and customer service agents within the tourism industry to achieve recognition for their coordination of tourism services.

Certificate III in Events

If you have experience assisting conferences, events and/or ehbitions, then achieving industry accreditation via RPL is best achieved with this Certificate III level qualification.

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Have some skills and experience in cooking? Utilise RPL to get your commercial cooking experience recognised and advance in your career with this Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

Certificate III in Catering Operations

Do you have experience conducting catering services and operations? Make your mark in the catering industry with this nationally recognised Certificate III qualification.

Certificate II in Hospitality

Use your entry level experience to build a career in the hospitality industry through this Certificate II level qualification.

Certificate II in Tourism

Have entry-level experience working in a tourism and travel environment, primarily within an attendant, office assistant or retail sales role? Enter the tourism and travel industry with this Certificate II level qualification, achieved through RPL.