Localise new career opportunities.

If you’re looking to formalise your local government experience in areas of planning, land management, health and environment, operational works, regulatory services, and administration, then RPL may provide an ideal avenue to achieve formal recognition at the Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Graduate Certificate levels, whilst enhancing your career opportunities within the local government sector.  Get Qualified Australia currently offers the following qualifications within the Local Government training package

Certificate IV in Local Government (Operational Works)

Supervisory or coordinator-level experience in local government? Achieve your Certificate IV via RPL to formally recognise your experience performing specialist operational works.

Certificate III in Local Government

Use your existing experience in local government to achieve this Certificate II via RPL, and enhance your career opportunities.

Certificate III in Local Government (Operational Works)

If your work involves deciding on selecting equipment, services or contingency measures in a local government environment, this certificate is for you. Get this certificate as soon as possible by choosing RPL.

Certificate II in Local Government

Enter the local government industry by using your entry level experience to achieve this Certificate II in Local Government via RPL.

Certificate II in Local Government (Operational Works)

Have experience in local government operations, including road, environment, and construction? Achieve your Certificate II via RPL to help increase your job opportunities.