How high do you want to go?

Take advantage of the educational overlaps in the Australian Qualifications Framework. Find the qualification level you’re currently at to discover the highest qualification level you’re eligible to achieve.

Certificate I & II

Have entry level experience? You can get your foundational knowledge of the industry recognised by achieving a Certificate I or II via RPL

Certificate III & IV

If you have a Certificate I or II, or have been working in your industry at a supervisory level, you may be eligible to achieve personal accreditation within your industry by completing a Certificate III or IV via skills recognition & RPL.

Diploma or Advanced Diploma

If you've got a Certificate IV level qualification, you are likely to be exempted from some of the units of your Diploma (direct credit transfer). Undergoing skills recognition for a Diploma or Advanced Diploma level qualification is the perfect way to achieve advanced certification and gain access to the higher education system.

Fast Track
Study Options

Bachelor Degree (Fast track)

Have a Diploma or Advanced Diploma? Access the higher education system by seeking an exemption of up to 1 year of study from a Bachelor Degree utilising your Diploma, or 1.5 years using your Advanced Diploma

Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma (Fast track)

If you've got an Advanced Diploma and extensive managerial experience, it's possible to bypass your Bachelor degree and access your chosen Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma with a university of your choice. Otherwise use your management experience to achieve your Graduate Certificate or Diploma within weeks via skills recognition.

Masters Degree & MBA

It's possible to achieve your Masters at half the cost, time and effort. Simply use your extensive managerial experience to achieve a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma, and utilise this to seek an exemption of up to 6 units of your Masters degree. See if you're eligible today.